Established and designed by the Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra’s Founding Artistic Director and world-renowned educator Richard Gill AO, the Voyage of Musical Discovery is three separate events – in March, May and August 2020 – beginning at 6.30pm on a weekday in Sydney. Each program is equal parts concert and demonstration. The Co-Artistic Directors, Rachael Beesley and Nicole van Bruggen present each Voyage with musicians of the Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra in the first half, and a contemporary guest artist or ensemble is featured in the second half. By placing contemporary Australian music alongside earlier Classical and Romantic works, listeners are shown the many compositional links and similarities in structure, tonality, rhythmic function, orchestration and modes of expression.


Wednesday 4 March 2020, 6.30pm
City Recital Hall, Sydney


Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra
ANTON EBERL – Symphony in E-flat major, Op.33 (1803)

Nick Russoniello
NICK RUSSONIELLO – Suite for Saxophones and Loop Station (2019/2020)

Anton Eberl builds an entire symphony by skilfully crafting and developing motifs. With the musicians of the Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra, Co-Artistic Directors Rachael Beesley and Nicole van Bruggen guide listeners through his compositional methods, and investigate why Eberl’s 217-year-old work has yet to be performed in Australia, until now!

Photo credit: Jacquie Manning

Photo credit: Jacquie Manning

Suite for Saxophones and Loop Station is a tour de force of real-time composition. Hear award-winning saxophonist Nick Russoniello create a groove-based work by layering and developing musical elements as diverse as beatbox, reggae and minimalism. Russoniello is a polyphonic one-man-band, imaginatively extending the sonic capabilities of the saxophone in live performance.

Nick Russoniello is a D’Addario Artist


Tuesday 28 April 2020, 6.30pm
City Recital Hall, Sydney


Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra
LOUISE FARRENC – Nonet in E-flat major for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and strings, Op.38 (1849)

Sydney Chamber Choir
ELLA MACENS Stavi stivi (2019)
PAUL STANHOPE I have not your dreaming (2005)
CLARE MACLEAN West Irish Ballad (1988)
JOSEPH TWIST How shall we sing in a strange land (2011)

Voices & Instruments shines a spotlight on women composers from the past and present. The Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra's expert local and international chamber musicians introduce the collaborative interplay of instruments – and their roles and personalities – in one of Louise Farrenc's most accomplished achievements, her Nonet for winds and strings.

Photo credit: Pedro Greig

Photo credit: Pedro Greig

Sydney Chamber Choir regularly commissions and premieres works by established and emerging Australian composers to support and celebrate the high-quality music being created here and now. They explain and present a varied selection of Australian choral works and highlight some of the many original ways that composers turn voices into instruments, and instruments into voices.


Wednesday 5 August 2020, 6.30pm
City Recital Hall, Sydney


Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra
MOZART Serenade No.6 in D major Serenata Notturna, K.239 (1776)

IAN CLEWORTH Home (2017)

Mozart’s Serenades were written to be performed outdoors, and he drew attention to the unique textural and timbral qualities of the different instruments by dividing the players into two groups. The Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra replicates and examines this remarkable sonic effect with gut strings and Classical timpani in this lively and humorous work from the 18th century.

Photo credit: Karen Steains

Photo credit: Karen Steains

Since the time of Mozart, composers have substantially increased the role and importance of percussion instruments. Taikoz – Australia’s award-winning taiko drum ensemble – showcases new Australian compositions that are entirely built around the dynamic range, explosive energy and huge expressive capabilities of percussion.


Voyage of Musical Discovery 2019


27 MARCH 2019
presented by Nicole van Bruggen

Acclaimed singer-songwriter, Lior joined the Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra and solo vocalists Jacqueline Porter and David Greco to explain and demonstrate the many methods that composers and performers utilise to negotiate ‘Phrasing & Form’ in historical as well as Australian contemporary works.


14 MAY 2019
presented by Nicole van Bruggen

The orchestra shared the stage with Jane Rutter and her Third Culture World Music Ensemble. Together they explained the different ways that ‘Cultural & Historical Contexts’ influence composition and performance from the early-Classical Mannheim School to Australian contemporary and Chinese music.


19 AUGUST 2019
presented by Rachael Beesley

A capella group The Idea of North joined the orchestra’s musicians to explain and show the role that ‘Dynamics & Expressive Techniques’ play in bringing early-Romantic to contemporary Australian chamber works to life.

Voyage of Musical Discovery 2018


27 MARCH 2018
presented by Richard Gill AO

Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra
Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Symphony No.6 Op.68 ‘Pastoral’ (1808)

The World According to James
James Greening, Mosman
Bernie McGann, Brownsville
Andrew Robson, Katoomba

15 MAY 2018
presented by Richard Gill AO

Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra
Peter Von Winter (1754-1825)
Octet in E flat major for winds and strings (1812)

Ensemble Offspring
Holly Harrison, Vibe Rant
Thomas Meadowcroft, Medieval Rococo
Bree van Reyk, Light for the First Time
Cassie To, Avialae

21 AUGUST 2018
presented by Nicole van Bruggen & Rachael Beesley

Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra
Johannes Van Bree (1801-1857)
Allegro in D minor for Four String Quartets (1845)
Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)
Elegiac Melodies Op.34 (1880)

Camerata Antica
Claudio Monteverdi, ‘O come sei gentile’
Alice Chance, Ode to Melancholy
Elena Kats-Chernin, Black Tie